USA Weightlifting Certified Coach
CrossFit L1

Kim grew up in athletics and always enjoyed having a direction to her training while playing soccer. After graduating and no longer having a team and coach to support her, she was forced to figure out her fitness alone. She felt lost as to what to do in the gym and eventually decided to try other outlets to stay in shape such as long distance running and yoga. After years of failing to accomplish her goals on her own she was introduced to Crossfit. She quickly fell in love with the team environment and the ability to be in and out of the gym in an hour, while still getting in great workouts that had taken hours to achieve previously.

After 2 years of improving on her own fitness she became a Crossfit Level 1 certified coach and began to teach classes and program the workouts at her gym. Now she is bringing the high intensity environment of cross training to Olympia Weightlifting. The goal of our boot camp classes is to experience a fast and productive workout in under an hour using your own body weight to build strength and conditioning while burning calories. Plyometrics, jumping, and interval training will be used to help each individual accomplish their fitness goals, while tailoring the workouts to fit each person’s unique needs.



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