Olympia Weightlifting offers now a 2 days, Olympia Method Fundamental Package! All are welcome!

The Olympia Method Fundamental Package: Sunday Clinics!

 Here’s what you get:

Day 1:

– Snatch from the blocks: Below the Knee and Above the Knee. Back Squat.

Do you know why it is essential to master the blocks? Learn how properly working your snatch from the blocks maximizes speed, explosiveness, coordination.

Back Squat. Learn proper back squat form that improves your squat and your lifts. (Guaranteed!)

– Clean from the blocks: Below the Knee and Above the Knee. Front Squat. Jerk from rack.

Learn how properly working clean technique from the blocks maximizes, speed, explosiveness, coordination.

Day 2: 

– The Ultimate Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Front Squat.

Coach Istvan demos Snatch and Clean and Jerk progressions, and drills the proper form for each lift. Get your hands on the bar. Snatch and Clean and Jerk like never before!

Front Squat. You think you can front squat? Learn proper front squat form that maximizes your front squat and your lifts. (Guaranteed!)


– Programming.

The secret to any athlete’s success is smart programming. Coach Istvan is a programming specialist. Learn The Olympia Method Programming. Enough Said. 

  • Clinics are Sundays, 9am – 2pm.

  • Price: $220.00 for the 2 days clinic Fundamental Package!

  • Learn how to work from blocks – below and above the knee – for speed, strength, efficiency!

LIMITED TO 10 PEOPLE.  Register Now

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