This Year Ultimate Master Clinic!!!

coming up on OCTOBER 8-9, 2016

The Olympic Lifts are complex movements that demand a mixture of strength, coordination and flexibility.

Fact: improving our lifts makes us better Weightlifters, CrossFitters and better overall athletes.

As Masters, our bodies often demand that we focus special attention on strength, coordination, flexibility or all three areas to learn and own the lifts. Finding coaches who are knowledgeable in teaching Lifting and programming for Masters is a challenge.

Welcome to the Masters Only, Two Day Lifting Clinic!

USAW Coach Istvan Dioszegi, (European Champion, Romanian Olympian, trained by Nicu Vlad) has designed a two day lifting clinic for Masters Athletes that offers a complete Lifting Experience: Individual mobility diagnosis and remedy, intensive hands on technique training, and theory and practice of programming for Masters Athletes!

Here is what you get:

Day 1. Mobility Diagnosis (with Dr. Jonas Nordstrom) and Snatch

jonas2Dr Jonas Nordstrom, PhD, MSc, adjunct professor at Arizona State University, has worked with the Swedish Special Forces in the Balkans and Afghanistan, weightlifter, Crossfit (Level I), yoga teacher, kite surfer, and has competed at international level in Naval Pentathlon.

As part of his PhD program, Jonas studied the latest research on the function of the fascia and the extra-cellular matrix. By combining his understanding of the fascia and the nervous system, sports and performance psychology and the experience from being a yoga teacher, he developed a new method called Wabing. In Wabing, stretching, self-myofascial release (SMR) and various relaxations techniques are used to release tension in the body and to achieve a relaxed and powerful state of mind. In this deeply concentrated state, the participant is also taught how to use mental imagery and various sport performance techniques to condition the mind and body to perform at the peak of their ability.

Furthermore, Jonas has also co-developed the Waber, which is a new and efficient tool for self-myofascial release.

Mobility Diagnosis: Dr. Jonas Norsdtrom will give each athlete a mobility diagnosis. He will tell you what areas to work on and how. All athletes will be present. Learn your own body and learn how to diagnose and remedy your mobility issues in others.

Snatch Clinic: Learn the snatch from a Coach who has been lifting on the National Romanian team since Age 11. Coach Istvan explains and demos the snatch, teaching you proper technique for each part of the lift. He doesn’t just tell you what – he tells you why.

Coach Istvan spends time with every athlete. Get your hands on the bar and snatch like you have never snatched before!

Day 2:  Clean and Jerk

Clean and Jerk Clinic:

Coach Istvan explains and demos the Clean and Jerk, teaching you proper technique for each part of the lift. He doesn’t just tell you what – he tells you why. 

Coach Istvan spends time with every athlete. Get your hands on the bar.  Clean and Jerk with Coach Istvan like never before!

Link to Best Western Inn of Chandler – Close by, good reviews!

  • The Ultimate Masters Lifting Clinic is Limited to 12 Athletes.
  • First Come First Serve Only.  The fee is non refundable.
  • PayPal Payment System available.

Testimonies: Rosanna Schmitt 5 * I’d give ten stars if I could, I attended a masters weekend seminar and Coach Istvan was far and above the best I’ve ever worked with. His knowledge and technique are outstanding, but he also has that ability to connect with the individual athlete, no matter what the skill level. His passion, energy and love of the sport, and the genuine interest he has in all of his athletes is apparent right from the beginning. If you have a chance to train with him, don’t hesitate, you Arizona people have a world class coach right in your own back yard!

Donna Spinola 5 *If you are in the area and have an opportunity to train with Istvan Dioszegi, JUMP on it!!! I attended his first Masters Clinic this past weekend and traveled from SF, CA. It was so much more than I expected and worth many times more than I paid for it!!! He is an exceptional coach and you will be a better weightlifter after working with him, no question about it! He is passionate about the sport, and totally dedicated to his athletics! The time, energy and passion he puts into coaching is exceptional! I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with him and you can bet I will find a way to do so again! You better hurry and train with him while you can. Once word gets out about how great he is at what he does, he will be in demand!

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