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This clinic is for beginners through advanced level lifters from any organization. If you are into Cross-Fit, bodybuilding, or other organized sports, our two-day instructional and practical camp will move your routine to another level of excellence.

The Champions 2 Day Camp will also include:

  • Lecture of Anatomy and Physiology of muscles / principles of movement*
  • Lecture of Nutrition concepts and correlations to Physiology and movement*
  • Expert Olympic Snatch as well as Clean & Jerk instruction tips
  • Expert, individual Olympic movement coaching with practical application to mechanics
  • Programming
  • Pricing for The Champions 2 Day Camp is $200 per person
  • Olympia Weightlifting Members receive a 20% discount
  • Limited availability!

Keywords: Technique, Performance Optimization, Bio-mechanics, and Olympic Weightlifting

*Lectures will be held by experts in the field.

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